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Timestory VR is an award-winning VR production company. A recognized leader in VR experiences with storytelling and interaction, Timestory VR has already created +100 VR productions.

Our current VR productions consist of fully immersive 3D environments that transports people to engaging, interactive sessions - with strong evidence of documented effectiveness. It has also proven to be an important catalyst in developing new skills and enhancing work output in a complex work environment. 

Interaction is our specialty. We are constantly exploring new technologiesthat can make VR experiences even more immersive and realistic. As an example, we work with voice interaction.

Timestory VR has created an award-winning therapy tool VR Exposure with speech interactionwhich permits subjectized, controlled, immersive exposure that is easy for therapists to implement and thus help people with social anxiety to adapt to everyday surroundings.

If you have an idea for a VR or AR product that can make a difference for your company or your customers, we would love to help you bring this to life. Contact us today

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VR and AR production

We offer production of VR and AR products. We will guide you throughout the entire process - from conceiving the idea to the development and implementation in your company. The latter includes training your team in the use of the VR / AR product as well.

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VR Exposure is an award-winning exposure tool
For professionals who help subjects fight social anxiety so they can become self-reliant and feel safe in real life. Timestory VR offers its solutions to municipalities, institutions, therapists etc.

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