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VR EXPOSURE ”is a Virtual Reality exposure toolfor professionals that helps subjects with social anxiety to feel safe in everyday life and better to help themselves. With VR EXPOSURE, the professional can expose the subject to realistic everyday situations, which provoke social anxiety, e.g. in supermarkets / buses / canteens etc. Thus, the subject is trained in standing close to other people, decoding them and in communicating. Together with the professional, who calms and challenges the subject along the way thus helping him or her overcome anxiety and gain an enriched life.

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"My world was 4 walls, now it's the whole world" - Citizen who has been cured of social anxiety through VR Exposure therapy

Udtalelser fra borgere med social angst


VR Exposure consists of a number of VR scenarios with people The scenarios are divided into levels of difficulty in relation to the number of people and interactions. The professional can thereby choose for himself how intense the exposure should be for the subject. Some of the scenarios are with speech interaction which means that the subject can talk to select characters who will react to what the subject says.A great tool to improve social skills and become even better at coping in the real world.

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How to use

VR Exposure can be used as part of a one-on-one therapy session or as group therapy. 

The VR exposure part takes approx. 10 minutes. Before a session, the professional has started the VR headset and has chosen a suitable VR scenario to test on the subject. When the subject is ready for the VR experience, headsets and possibly heart rate monitor on. 

During the VR exposure, which takes 1-4 minutes, the professional or the rest of the group can see on a screen what the subject is looking at and possibly see stress reactions on a heart rate monitor. In this way, the professional can see what provokes and aggravates the subject. Along the way, the professional can reassure, guide and challenge the subject to be present in the scenario and overcome his or her anxiety. 

When the VR experience is over, the subject may. try again or move on to the next scenario.

After 8 - 12 sessions in a concentrated period, the subject will be significantly better at dealing with his or her anxiety.

However, it is important that VR Exposure is combined with standard therapy and exercises in the real world, where the newly developed coping skills can be tested.

Dokumenteret virkning

VR EXPOSURE er udviklet i samarbejde med en ergoterapeut og en borger med social angst fra Silkeborg kommune.

Produktet er testet med stor succes på flere borgere med angst. Borgerne bliver  selvhjulpne og bedre til at håndtere deres angst. Det har betydet, at kommunen har kunne omrokere ressourser og hjælpe flere borgere med angst.

Produktet bruges nu i flere kommuner.

Produktet har vundet COI´s pris for at kunne hjælpe  mennesker frem til en bedre hverdag på en hurtig og effektiv måde.



Experience everyday scenarios among strangers.